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Ask Questions

User forum is the best place to post your questions. You should search the user forum first in case your question has been answered before. Anyone can search the user forum, to post a question, you need to register first which is free. Go to user forum.
Email support is free. You can send all support questions to support@biblioscape.com. Unless you need to email us with file attachment, we encourage customers to post questions on the user forum. Our support staff monitor the user forum daily and your question may also be answered by other users.
Paid support is available. You can purchase paid support to cover a single incident for $19. Our office hour is from 9 AM to 5 PM eastern time on weekdays. A single incident could be anything related to Biblioscape like making a custom import filter, creating an output style for a specific journal, etc. Order phone support.

Learning Resources

PDF manual is compiled from the Biblioscape help file. It has an introductory chapter for new users. If you are interested in learning how to create an import filter, or an output style, user manual is the place to learn the details. Download the manual.
Tutorial movies will get you started quickly. "A picture is worth a thousands words", a tutorial movie is worth an hour of your reading time. We made some demo movies to cover the basics first. Once we identified a new area worth to show to our users, new movies will be added. Coming soon.
Support blog is maintained by Biblioscape tech support staff. We will alert users about issues we found in our support work, discuss the best usage of Biblioscape features, share newly created import filters and journal styles, etc. Read the blogs.

Technical Specifications

Operating System: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP Database engine: Built-in ElevateDB
Installation disk space: 160 MB Unicode support: Yes
Memory usage: 30 MB Database remote access: Yes. LAN and WAN
Word add-in: Word 2013, 2010, 2007 Max database file size: 4 GB
Network install:  Yes Max number of records: ~200,000
Run from USB drive: Yes Pre-built import filters: 250
Run from cloud drive: Yes Pre-built journal styles: 1,000


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