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Web Access Multi User Advanced


Download bibliographic records from the web.
With Biblioscape, you will never need to enter a reference by typing. Just click the  "Internet" button while in a reference folder. There are 40 plus popular bibliographic database sites listed each with a short instruction. You can just search the database, select the records you want to download and make a few clicks to capture those records directly into your database. There are many sites supporting direct export of bibliographic records and you can use any web browser to send download records directly into Biblioscape database. Watch the demo.

Z39.50 library support.
Search against university and public libraries catalog inside Biblioscape. Search results will be automatically downloaded into the "Online Search" folder of your Biblioscape database. There are 2,500 plus library connection files pre-made. You can add more easily in Biblioscape.

Quick Add.
You can enter a reference by just typing its first author name, year published, and a couple of words in the title. This is a quick way to add a reference you already know into your database.

Add from PDF.
If you have a collection of papers in PDF format, they can easily be added into your Biblioscape database. Biblioscape will search the internet and add the meta-data (Authors, Title, Year, etc.) automatically. The text of your PDF file can be extracted and made searchable inside Biblioscape.

Import filters.
You can import bibliographic data in many formats with 250 pre-made import filters. Records from Bibliographic data services or competing software can be easily imported into your database.

Taking notes.
Take notes while reading the full text of a reference inside Biblioscape. If you use the built-in PDF reader, the annotation is non-destructive. Your PDF file is not modified at all. This is essential in a multi-user environment. Rich text and pictures can be included in your notes. All the notes are saved inside Biblioscape database and is searchable and reusable in other writings.


Organize by projects.
Organize your records by folders as area of interest. A record can only appear under one folder. Create a collection if you need to bring records from different folders under one place.

Categorize with tags.
Categorize records by checking the box before tags in a tree structure. Retrieve all tagged records by a single click.

Search by lookup.
Besides full text search, advanced search by field, you can display all the unique values of a data field in a lookup list.

Manage relationship with links.
You can link a record in Biblioscape to any other record in the same database. It could be a reference, note, task, or an object in a chart. You can assign a link relationship and type a short description about the link. Besides records, you can also link to a web page or a file.

Find duplicate references.
As your reference collection grows, it is likely you will have duplicates. Biblioscape will prompt you when you enter or import a record that is already in your database. You can also use the built-in fuzzy search tool to find duplicate. You can pick what fields to include and the level of fuzziness.

Global edit.
Make changes to all the records
in your list at once.


Citing references has never been this easy.
Biblioscape Microsoft Word add-in has reduced all the tedious work of citation and bibliography formatting into
a single double click. You no longer need to worry about following all the rules of a citation style. When you need
to cite a reference, find it on the right and double click. If you need to cite to a place other than the current cursor position,
just drag-and-drop the reference to the place where you want to cite. More than 1,000 styles are pre-made and you can make more.
With Biblioscape Word add-in, your writer's flow will not be interrupted.

Subject bibliography.
Biblioscape lets you create a subject bibliography with ease and flexibility. You can pick the subject field from a list including Keywords, Authors, Journal, Year, etc. Click the "Annotated" box to include the Abstract field in your bibliography.

Father of bibliography (Conrad Gesner)

Compile your notes into a manuscript.
Divide your writing project into smaller sections instead of having one big document. Re-arrange your outline by drag-and-drop,
take snapshots of your notes and make changes, cite references with drag-and-drop, add comments and assign index terms.
These are some of the things you can do in Biblioscape notes module. Once you are ready, click "Compile" to
turn your notes into a single Word document with table of contents and index built.
All citations and bibliography generated according to your selection

Web Access

Make your Biblioscape database available on the web.
Biblioscape database web access is made possible by running the BiblioWeb server which is installed with Biblioscape. No other software is needed. You can start the web server from Biblioscape and run it as a regular Windows application. You can also set it up as a Windows scheduled task so it can run automatically when your computer starts.

Control access privilege at folder level.
Web users can control who has access to the folders they create. Web users can connect with other users,
and their postings will be visible in their connections home page. The new social network features in BiblioWeb will make
cooperation on research projects easier. Users can form groups to share references about a common interest.

Access your database from any device.
The BiblioWeb interface is designed to be usable on both desktop and smartphone web browsers. With BiblioWeb running,
you can access your database from your desktop computer, notebook computer, tablet computer (iPad), smartphone, iPod Touch, etc.

Multi User  


Share a common database in your organization.
All users in your organization can share a common database. With shared references and notes,
group productivity increases. When opening a shared database, all the features in Biblioscape are available.

Setup multi user access is easy.
To share a database among users, first create a *.bsr file, have the database server running, and give the *.bsr file to other users to open. In a Local Area Network, performance is excellent. Over the Internet, performance is good. Setting up remote access takes less than 5 minutes. Make sure the port 12010 is open on both the server and client PCs. Copy the file "edbsrvr.exe" from the "biblioremote" folder to your database folder and run the "edbsrvr.exe" file. In Biblioscape, go to "Database | Configure Remote Database Access". Enter the server PC IP address, database name and user name. Give the *.bsr file to other users; they can open the file to access the remote database. Users can share a common database in a whole organization with very good performance.



Manage tasks.
You can drag a reference or note into a tasks folder to create a new linked task. Organize your tasks according to the principles of Getting Things Done (GTD) and review them daily to boost your productivity. Focus Assign focus to your tasks and review the list daily. Get more things done when you organize tasks by context. Create a project for anything that requires multiple steps.

  Knowledge map.
Draw a chart to represent your knowledge space in a subject area. You can easily link chart objects to references, notes, files, web sites, etc. Use the simple chart editor to draw a flow chart. You can control chart objects' font, color, shape, connections, etc. After finishing, you can select a chart object and create links from the chart object to folders, saved searches, individual references, notes, as well as web sites and files. 



Manage a small library.
You can drag drop records from a references folder to the library icon to create new catalog items. The catalog can be displayed in the card view and a book cover picture can be pasted for each item. Serial management is an important part of managing a research library. With BiblioWeb server, your library catalog is searchable on the Web. All the circulation tasks (check-in, check-out, renew, and hold) can be performed through a web browser.


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