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Runs under Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

Double click the downloaded file "bsp10.exe" to install. Biblioscape 10 will be installed under "C:\Biblioscape 10\". Do not move it under "C:\Program Files\" folder. Double click "C:\Biblioscape 10\Biblioscape.exe" to run. You can create a shortcut on the desktop or Windows taskbar by drag and drop. To uninstall or remove Biblioscape, just delete the "C:\BIblioscape 10" folder.
Delivery: By download only. Install the trial first and register after purchase.
Key code: Key code is sent in the receipt email right after purchase.
Registration: Click "Register" under the "Home" Ribbon tab to enter the key code.
Installation: Customer can register Biblioscape on up to 3 computers.
Upgrades: Minor upgrades are free. Major upgrades are not free.
Refund: No refund since fully functional trial is offered.
Payment: All major credit cards plus PayPal in the currency of your choice.




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