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Purchase Information

Payment is processed by SWREG
A division of Digital River
Delivery: By download only. Install the trial first and register after purchase.
Key code: Key code is sent in the receipt email right after purchase.
Registration: Click the "Register" button under the "Home" Ribbon tab to enter the key code.
Installation: Customer can register Biblioscape on up to 3 computers.
Upgrades: Minor upgrades are free. Major upgrades are not free.
Refund: No refund since fully functional trial is offered.
Payment: All major credit cards plus PayPal in the currency of your choice.

Individual License

Software that grows with your needs.

Buy the edition that best fits your current needs to save money and upgrade to a higher edition as your needs grow by paying the price difference.
Lite for college students, Standard for graduate students, Professional for professors and researchers, Librarian for managing a small library.

Edition Modules Included Regular Education Upgrade
Lite References $79 $49 $39
Standard References + Notes + Categories $139 $99 $69
Professional References + Notes + Categories + Tasks + Charts + Web Users (30) $299 $199 $149
Librarian References + Notes + Categories + Tasks + Charts + Web Users (Unlimited) + Library $699 $499 $399
  *Education: Must have an email address with an academic domain name like *.edu or *.ac.
*Upgrade: Must have a registration key for a previous version of Biblioscape.
*During checkout, there is no need to pay for "Registration Backup Service" sold by SWREG (our ecommerce service provider). We provide this service for free. Simply remove this option and update your shopping card.

Volume Licensing

Buy more, pay less
Pay for fewer copies than you plan to buy when purchasing in volume. We offer flexible options to serve the different needs of departments, labs, and research companies all over the world. You can have a team sharing a common database. When the number of users increases, more seats can be added. A single serial number can be used for all your installations.


University Site License

The best value for higher education.
Purchase site license for everyone in your school. Determine which edition of Biblioscape do you want to offer to your students and faculties. The yearly subscription covers both minor and major upgrades. A single key is issued. Software registration is restricted to computers on school network. After registration, users can run it on campus or from home. The following prices are only offered to colleges and universities. For other large organizations who are interested in site licensing, please contact sales@biblioscape.com to negotiate a price.

   Edition Modules Included Education
Lite References $0.5 /user/year
Standard References + Notes + Categories $1 /user/year
Professional References + Notes + Categories + Tasks + Charts + Web Users (30) $2 /user/year



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